Customized Training Solutions
At KPI we recognize the value and importance of training that meets your specific needs in relation to content, time, delivery method, and learning outcomes. An effective learning solution may not exist that meets your needs to ensure the transfer of specific skills or knowledge, or you may need your workforce to learn information and skills that are pertinent only to your organization. Our Customized Instructional Design Services offer learning solutions for instructor-led, e-Learning, and blended learning modalities.
We design new learning solutions using your proprietary information while respecting the confidential nature of the content. Our approach adheres to the principles of instructional design to develop a solution that results in a timely and accurate program which addresses your organization's learning needs.

Public Training Programs
KPI Training Center training programs have been developed and are continually updated, based not only on the latest international management principles and practices, but also on field research, first-hand experience, in-depth knowledge of the region and the specific requirements of organizations.
Public training programs are open to participants from any organization. These participants have the opportunity to concentrate on their learning away from the job and without the pressures of day-to-day work. Participants also benefit from sharing experiences with people from other organizations and gain a new perspective on common problems.

External training Programs
External training adds ideas from outside the organization and allows workers to see another point of view and see the new one. External training that coaches may have broader experience in the field of training and have a theoretical background (or process) deeper. External training may be available by means of training is not available in the institution itself. Training courses involving more than one institution allows trainees to discuss and engage in dialogue and exchange of experiences and the experiences of other institutions, in addition to building good working relationships.

Training Methodology
KPI Training Center relies on a variety of training and facilitation methods and techniques. Used whenever applicable, these methods are aimed at enhancing individual and group interaction while maximizing learning.
Some of these methods are:
• Brief presentations by the consultant.
• Group debriefs.
• Individual and team exercises, indoors and outdoors.
• Behavior modeling and role-plays.
• One-to-one and group discussions.
• Case studies, simulations and small projects.
• Video films.

Course Categories

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