Marketing & Selling
Good marketing and sales are keys to a successful business. When done properly marketing produces leads, sales and happy customers that will boost your brand’s equity.  While marketing focuses on strategies that can measure and improve your reach and promotional efforts, sales relies on effective planning skills and interpersonal interactions. Whether your aim is to market or sell, the programs in our Marketing and Sales category will help you optimize your results. Participants who attend any of these programs will acquire knowledge and skills in competencies approved and adopted by leading marketing and sales professionals around the world. From developing strategic marketing plans to learning techniques to increasing success rates and profitability, KPI’s Marketing and Sales category covers it all. Let us help you make a difference and stand out from the crowd! For a list of suggested programs, please refer to the schedule below or contact us for more information.

SN Programme Date Venue Language Register
1          Aligning Marketing and Sales: Achieve Success through Collaboration 04-08 Jan 016 Cairo Arabic Register
2          Professional Selling Strategies 11-15 Jan 016 Dubai Arabic Register
3          Certified Sales Manager 18-22 Jan 016 Paris English Register
4          Marketing for Better Results 25-29 Jan 016 Cairo Arabic Register
5          Market Research: Foundations and Applications 01-05 Feb 016 Cairo English Register
6          Customer Relationship Management: CRM Strategic Roadmap 08-12 Feb 016 Sharm El-Sheikh Arabic Register
7          Retail Management 15-19 Feb 016 Dubai Arabic Register
8          Telesales: Techniques to Boost Your Phone Sales 01-05 Mar 016 Sharm El-Sheikh Arabic Register
9          Certified Marketing Professional 08-12 Mar 016 Dubai Arabic Register
10         The Strategic Marketing Plan 15-19 Mar 016 Istanbul English Register
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