Finance and Accounting
Effective decisions depend on the delivery of timely and accurate information. In both private and public organizations, providing such information transforms decisions from mundane to value-adding. The diversified portfolio of programs in our Accounting and Finance category aims to provide you and your team with the skills you need to add value. Practical and hands-on, the programs are delivered using best-in-class technology. Our value proposition is simple; learn, engage, apply and improve. With the biggest suite of programs in the region in accounting, finance, modeling, budgeting, and treasury, you and your team are guaranteed to find the program that will contribute to your career and professional development.

SN Programme Date Venue Language Register
1          Advanced Financial Modeling and Forecasting Workshop 04-08 Jan 016 Dubai Arabic Register
2          Financial Management for Projects & Contracts 04-08 Jan 016 London English Register
3          Advanced Budgeting & Forecasting 11-15 Jan 016 Cairo Arabic Register
4          Mastering Finance and Accounting 11-15 Jan 016 Dubai Arabic Register
5          Accounts Payable: From Accounting to Management 18-22 Jan 016 Cairo Arabic Register
6          The Budgeting Management Workshop 18-22 Jan 016 London English Register
7          Financial Data Analysis 25-29 Jan 016 Dubai Arabic Register
8          Managerial Finance: A Masterclass in Analytical Assessment 25-29 Jan 016 Beirut Arabic Register
9          Treasury and Cash Management 25-29 Jan 016 Kuala Lumpur Arabic Register
10         The Effective Accountant 01-05 Feb 016 Dubai Arabic Register
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